Beard not growing as per plan-6 Laws of beard growth theory

Aug 12 2018

In many corners of the world, the beard is a sign of power and sign of masculinity. While everyone wants to grow thicker beard it may not be always possible. Some men find it tough to grow more than a few patches. The rate of growth of your beard depends on your genetics and testosterone level. While you cant do anything about your genetics there are a lot of things you can do which will encourage faster growth of facial hair.

If you are stuck with issue of beard not growing as per your liking , then have a look at my 6 Laws of beard growth theory to help you get started

1)Taking Care of Your Body  & Kicking that Butt


Beard not growing-Exercise

The health of your facial hair depends upon your overall health. For your health, we suggest that you eat foods that are heavy with proteins, such as fish, eggs, and beans.

As far as growing hair is concerned, stress is one of the most common factors. For stress reduction, you may want to exercise on a daily basis and get enough sleep at night. Exercise improves blood circulation which in turn helps in beard growth

beard not growing-Kick that Butt


Smoking can be a bad habit if you are looking to grow a beard. Though scientifically it has not been conclusively proven, smoking reduces blood circulation in the body.This can deny the capillary blood flow to the hair roots thereby denying the optimal growth requirement for your beard

2)Get Minerals and Vitamins 

Beard Not growing-take Mutivitamins

Besides eating better, an alternative means of growing your beard quickly is by including your diet with the foods that have minerals and vitamins. You can also get in touch with your physician and ask him if you can have 2 mg of biotin per day. Actually, this supplement can be bought at health stores in your area. The product will help you grow your facial hair and nails. Apart from this, you may want to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet since they are heavy with vitamins and minerals. Soon you will see that your hair grows fast.                                                               If you find that you still lack nutrients you can look at increasing daily dose of vitamin B6, beta-carotene, vitamin C, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, and any multivitamin as per prescription of your doctor

3) Patience to let your beard grow


Beard not Growing-Have patience

Like all great things your beard also needs time to get to shape

At first, it will feel as if you are growing a wild forest on your face. You will be anxious to trim your beard and set it into your shape of interest. In regard to this, you should resist this urge of trimming. During the first few weeks, it will be hard. Don’t cut a single hair of the beard. If left without much disturbance, the beard will grow very fast. After about four to six weeks, you can freely trim your beard and get it into your loved shape

4)Take that Sip of Water Regularly

beard not growing-Drink water regularly

This is a thing most of us miss out.
Water is an important ingredient to regenerate your lost cells in the body. In case of beard also this holds true.
Lack of adequate hydration will reduce blood flow to your beard and beard growth will slow down. A drier beard will be slow to pick up and will be frustrating
Scientific evidence says that around 12 to 16 glass of water is needed for a healthier body

5)External products like Minoxidil, Vitabeard

beard not growing-Minoxidil

Inspite of doing all the previous steps if you still can get your beard to grow fast, then no worries
You need to take help of external products to get it going
This is perhaps the most popular of the products and comes in various names

• Rogaine
• Regaine
• Kirkland
• Equate
• Foligain
• Q-Gain
• Tugain
• Plus a whole bunch of other generic brands

Minoxidil has been proven to work time and time again on men who never thought they would be able to grow a beard for whatever reason:

One of the more critical things to see in usage is whether you have vellus hairs.
If yes minoxidil help in kicking it to growth phase

Minoxidil is an FDA approved the product for hair growth on the scalp, but same has not still been approved for facial use. But nevertheless, it has shown wonderful results to a lot of people including me


The basic question is do multivitamins work for beard growth?
The answer is it can help, but it depends
There are lots of products in market marketed as beard vitamins but those are pure marketing stunts
Unfortunately, there is no test to find out what vitamins your body lacks and hence you will not have an idea of which one is needed whether its vitamin A or Vitamin E
But Solution to this is Multivitamins which contain all the vitamins and can help in growth
Look for Ingredients(Vitamin A, vitamin B (including vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B4, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, etc.), vitamin C, vitamin D (particularly vitamin D3), and vitamin E.
Minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, folic acid, biotin, iodine, and selenium can also help
There are Host of products on Amazon to pick and choose from like vitabeard

6)Commit to the Process & forget your Beard Patches to start with

You may not want to give up too soon when trying to grow your beard. You may scratch your beard all day at some point during the process. Some people just shave their beard off due to this discomfort alone. Typically, this happens during the first month and you go through a lot of itching. All you need to do is to avoid an attempt at getting your beard shaved off.

Beard Patches not growing

Another common issue is that of beard patches not growing.

Initially, regardless of whatever you do, you will still retain some hairless spots on your face.

In this case, what you need to do is let the beard grow freely and it will fill in the gaps in a few weeks. Soon your hair will grow to fill in beard patches, become soft and you will no longer suffer from the itching. As soon as the hair becomes soft, the irritation will also go away and you will get the relief.

In case you need support from itching, get your doctor view about using hydrocortisone cream to your face. It will help in relieving the itching feeling

As soon as your beard has fully grown, you can change the style so it matches your mustache

So now that you read the six steps. It’s time to put them into practice



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