Proper Beard Trimming:-Preparation & Tips

May 08 2018

A beard is a thing of beauty. From the full neck-warmer to the clipped goatee, facial hair is always a style statement. But that doesn’t mean a beard can be left to grow on its own. It may not sound good to trim your beard if your ultimate objective is length, but a little trimming helps a long way in a manly beard.

Let’s now look at ways of Proper beard trimming to achieve a great beard neckline, cheekline, moustache and lipline.

Tools Needed for Proper Beard-Trimming:

  1. Comb or brush:for detangling the beard
    2. High-grade clippers or trimmers:for trimming it
    3. Scissors: for detailing it
    4. Beard oil or moisturizer: for softness and health


Proper Beard Trimming Tools-Comb                       Proper Beard Trimming tools-Trimmer             Proper Beard Trimming Tools-Scissors

Preparation for Proper beard Trim:-

Step1:-Washing your beard

It’s important that you start with a clean and dry beard. Your facial hair also gets oily as the hair on your head, so you need to wash it properly to ensure a clean trim. Then take shampoo and scrub your beard in the sink or shower, then pat it dry with a towel. You need to take care to avoid shampoos that dry out your skin

Step 2:-Combing your beard

Combing will eliminate tangles and will make your beard easier for beard trimming.

Start with your ear and keep moving down towards the chin.You need to follow the grain of your beard’s natural growth and keep moving down along right side of your jawline

Always Comb your beard can fluff it out later with your hands

Step 3:-Cut in Front of a big mirror

Make sure you have all the tools as detailed on the top. You also need an electric point if you are using electric clippers.

A multi angle mirror will be helpful in seeing the hard to reach areas of your beard

Step 4:-Get a receptacle for collecting beard trimmings

Cleaning up after beard trimming is an irritating task for you or your family. Best way to avoid this is getting a newspaper or towel to catch the hair


Proper Beard Trimming using trimmer

All Around Beard Trim:-

Step 1:

  • Select the trimmer to longest hair setting to start. do refer to your manufacturer’s details about the various trim guards and speed settings of your trimmer.
  • Switch on the trimmer on and gently start trimming each side of your face using long smooth strokes
  • Keep balance between both sides by always starting at ears and working down. The guard should keep the trimmer from irritating your skin or cutting too much hair
  • Repeat using shorter trim settings until you’re happy with the length.

Step 2:

Define your neckline:-


Proper Beard Trimming-Make perfect neckline


For getting the perfect beard neckline, keep your finger horizontally just above the Adam’s apple and trim a vertical strip below this line. Now start working outwards under your jawline to right side, then return to the center and work  to the left side. Shave off all the hairs below your defined neckline

Step 3:

Choose your cheekline:-

If natural beard cheekline makes you happy, leave it as it is. For an edgier, crisper look, you can go for a straight or slightly rounded cheekline. The lower your cheekline is, the length of your face will look much longer.

Now its decision time.Are you a natural guy or a more defined kind of guy?

Depending on the same you have two options

Natural Cheekline

This gives a natural look but does not suit everyone. It’s much softer than defined cheekline and can make face look rounder.


No Upkeep needed


Does not suit everybody

The defined cheek line

Proper Beard Trimming-Defined Cheekline

 A defined cheekline gives you a neater, sharper appearance. It looks cleaner and gives your face angles and edges. It’s up to you where you place it.

1) To get it started make a straight line from your sideburn to the corner of your mouth.

2)Make the look more soft and natural by making line slightly rounded

3) If have a round face, a straight cheek line at a steep angle will help offset the roundness

4) On the other hand, if your face is long and angular, a curved beard cheek line can soften the sharper contours of your face.

Step 4:

Trim your moustache and chin.

You can either keep your mustache to the same length as your beard, or make it slightly longer to make it stand out more. It is sometimes actually better & easier to trim the mustache separately with scissors.

Start working under your nose and move to the corner of the mouth, and then proceed down to your chin. Also give special attention to hard-to-reach areas directly under your nose.Always keep your mouth closed to avoid a mouthful of hair. For a nicer, clean lipline, close your mouth and smile and remove extra hairs. Keep your moustache clean and trim the bottom

Step 5:

Final Touches

 Even after all the hard work you have put in there will be some wild hairs in you beard.These need to be taken care with scissors. Once you finish trimming, comb your beard once more and use your scissors to snip the unwanted ones

Beard Moisturisers can be a good option after beard trimming.You can use a beard moisturiser to keep your beard shiny and healthy

Proper Beard Trimming using Scissors

1) Beard Wash

To start with, give your beard a thorough wash with water or beard soap. After this you can dry it properly and make sure it’s not wet in the middle.You can use a dryer but it’s not mandatory as it will happen naturally

2) Comb your beard

It’s better to get combs with wide teeth for trimming or get a proper beard comb. Beard combs are softer to skin and is effective than your normal combs.

Comb the hair downwards.Comb down the chin in the direction of the hair and do the other way round.This will give your hair a frizzy look to make it more protruding than usual

3)Cutting Both Sides

Start from any particular side.Draw the comb gently through hair at an angle  nipping off the hair that comes through the teeth of comb.Keep in mind the level of hair that protrudes from the comb.This level needs to be maintained throughout for a uniform trim

Best approach is to cut little to start with uniformly & then adjust accordingly.Repeat the same on other side.

4) Trimming Chin with scissors

Comb against the hair so that it’s frizzing a bit and repeat the same process with comb & scissors as you did earlier with the sides.

 5) Washing your beard & using moisturiser oil

Now wash your beard properly and for finishing touch use any beard oil


Now look at your wonderful face, you are done

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